Welcome to 2017!

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Welcome to 2017!


So WOW! 2016 was a ride. We are almost 1 full month into the new year already.  Time flies!  It was the first full year I spent with my baby and it was the longest, scariest, funnest roller coaster of my life.  And I’ve been on a few roller coasters in my life.  I’m looking forward to learning.  Learning photography more every day.  I would love to find the time to go after a few photo challenges!  I’m looking forward to meeting more amazing people that I can get to know and tell their stories through my photos.  

I’m really looking forward to the 4 weddings that I have booked along with all the wonderful families I meet!  I have actually had to turn couples away because of my busy schedule and I know I am way more fortunate that others to be able to say that.  When I meet someone genuinely want to get to  know the people that I have the privilege to shoot, so I don’t book up my wedding schedule for that purpose.  I want to actually give a damn about them.  To me, they are someone to know and way more than “just a client”.


Goals! (not resolutions)


Notice that I put goals down.  I think resolutions are dangerous.  It always seems to me that resolutions create stress because you have to get it done or else.  To me

Resolutions=Resolved=Must Change.  

I don’t think there needed to be change, but growing and learning is always good.  So goals it is!


  1. Relationships.  I want to have better ones.  With my husband, family and clients.  Like I said above, I really do give a shit about the people I am photographing, and I think that what gives me my passion.  Photography is about telling stories and since everyone has a story (even if they don’t think so), I will always have something to tell.  My attention to people and their stories are what makes those photographs tell stories.  Stories that every time you look at that photo on your wall or in an album, that day or memory will come back, along with a hundred other stories.  But, I know in order to have better relationships THEN…#2

  2. Communication.  This is through all platforms.  I really need to keep up on this blog better.  And instead of texting people, call them!  Especially clients.  I know it’s was more convenient for some to text, but I do like to talk to you once in a while.   Also, I really want to communicate with other industry people.  I love talking shop and I think that I really need  some more friends in the photography business or even hobby that I can just have a great lunch with and fuel my passion.  I my goal for the next year is to create my “dream team”.  People that are as committed as I am about delivering great products and amazing customer service.  It would involve other photographers that I can rely on, other small business owners who are local, other wedding vendors where we can both make sure our clients have the best experience possible.  That way  when a clients asks about a service, I can name someone without even thinking that ” I hope this vendor does a good job, since I said something”.  Advice is one thing given that can’t be taken back.

  3. Learn.  There is always room for learning.  I have SO SO MANY videos, emails, tutorials and tips in my saved files that I haven’t even gotten to yet.  This month is am all ready to join the REVIVE Summit online seminars for 4 whole days!  Since winter in somewhat of a downtime, I can dedicate some serious time to building my knowledge and even doing a challenge or two.  There is so much I want to learn, but recently, I have learned that I shouldn’t do it all.  Not that I haven’t tried, but I am a true believer that if you want the best job done, then hire a professional.  And that is why so many people hire a photographer instead of using that photo taken with your phone, to put on your wall, right?  I don’t think it’s quite in the budget yet, but I really need to outsource some things that I am not so passionate about (I’m talking about you SEO and Google), or that just make my passion more of a job.


Happy Goals!

So that’s it!  We are already a month in and I have started on some of these goals.  I am so looking forward to 2017, and my first full year as a photographer!  I can’t thank everyone who has helped out so much.  My husband for supporting this, my family for helping out so many times and places, and to all my clients whom I have had the privilege of photographing this past few months.  I hope to see you again soon!

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