Ali + Andrew. Engagement Photos at Stone Arch Bridge and Mill Ruins Park

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Ali + Andrew.  Engagement Photos at Stone Arch Bridge and Mill Ruins Park

Engagement Photography-Stone Arch Bridge and Mill Ruins Park Minneapolis MN

Black and white Engagement photo stone Arch Brdge Minneapolis MN

The Stone Arch Bridge


That is one of my favorite photos from the Engagement session I had with Andrew and Ali on a February Sunday afternoon.The setting just looks like it is in London or somewhere overseas with two people falling in love who happen to meet and spend the rest of their vacation falling in love.  I don’t think that story is that far from the truth.  The truth is that this is a the Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis MN and these are two people who are in love.

I cannot even begin to tell you how perfect this day was.  And I am not talking about the weather in any way.  Don’t let the beautiful expressions and fun had by this quirky and in love couple.  They were troopers, especially Ali in those amazing shoes!  If you could have seen behind the camera, there was me in a Carhart coat, wool hat, gloves and fleece pants.


stone arch bridge engagement photography
Andrew warming Ali’s hands up. I told you it was cold!


I was not a warm day in February, but they made the best out of it by keeping moving.  You’ll see!

The perfect day came from getting to photograph these two people.  They made my job so easy by just being in love.  Most of what you see is these two just being themselves, which I know always produces better photographs than any posing could make.  From being the fun people they are and just skipping the day away to Andrew being jealous that Ali got to pop a foot, so he joined in.


Mill Ruins park engagement photography

Skipping in the Mill Ruins Park to keep warm

middle of the Stone Arch bridge pose. Engagement photos Minneapolis MN
I told Ali to pop a foot and Andrew

joined in

The best part was that the session took place at the Stone Arch Bridge and Mill Ruins park where Andrew had originally proposed, so we got to recreate the proposal.  Now I know this is to be a re-enactment, but the look on Andrews face is a wonderful mix of pure love, joy and amazement at the woman he is going to spend the rest of his life with.


look of love, marriage proposal. Minneapolis MN

Engagement Photography Minneapolis MN Guthrie

Dancing beneath the Guthrie

The Guthrie Theater also meant a lot to both, so they requested that the beautiful blue building be included in their photos.  This was also Andrew’s back up “pop the question” site.  Andrew has a wonderful spontaneous personality that makes him just grab Ali and have fun!

Engagement photography, Minneapolis MN Stone Arch Bridge, Guthrie Theater

Mill Ruins Park

After our time on the Stone Arch Bridge, we went below to the Mill Ruins.  These are what is left of the mill in Minneapolis after a fire.  There is incredible texture to all the original structures still left down there.  This brick wall made a great backdrop for the intense feelings these two were showing.

Mill Ruins Park Engagement Photography Minneapolis MN

Mill Ruins Park engagement photography


y this time in the day it was beginning to heat up a little more.  That or we were just having a good time and didn’t notice the cold as much.  Plus all the moving around kept us warm.

I love nearing the end of a photo session where everyone has gotten to know each other a little more.  Here is where I can get the genuine smiles and the more intimate shots where people trust me more.  This one of Ali looking straight at the camera just floors me.  The light in her eyes seem like there could be nothing else in the world happening but that moment. I am such a sucker for black and white photography.


Mill ruins park engagement photography Minneapolis MN Black and white

black and white kiss. Minneapolis MN engagement photographyAn

d one last soft kiss.

I cannot wait to see these two pledge their forever to each other this Fall. I won’t spoil any surprises for those who are invited.  They are putting all of themselves into this.  For those who aren’t privileged to know this creative couple, you’ll just have to wait for that blog post!

Until then!


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