~Frequently Asked Questions~

I get a lot of questions from people about a photo session.  Here are a few of the more common ones.  

If there isn’t something covered here, please don’t hesitate to contact me about your photo shoot

Do You Have a Studio?It’s it the works!  The new studio should be open Spring of 2018.  It will be just outside River Falls, WI. 

What Should I Wear?I want you to be comfortable and show your personality, so bring your favorite outfits and I will help you out with what will work.  For large groups, I suggest colors in the same family or of the same hue.  What this means is that if people want to wear jewel tones (royal blue, dark purple) everyone should match that tone.  Same goes for pastels.  Contrasting colors are also very visual.  Think dark blues with orange.  Another option would be for everyone in the same color, but different variations of that color.  Example: Red with Burgundy.  Generally, words and logos don’t photograph as well

Do you touch up Photos?Every photo that you get is checked for any imperfections and made perfect.  I can also alter images if you have preferences for sepia or black & white photos. 

Do I get Rights to my Images? Yes!  All session fees include a USB drive with all your finished photos on them.  I also include a release statement.

What If There’s Bad Weather? – An outdoor session can always be turned into an indoor one.  If you would rather reschedule, no problem!  We can try anything.  Pictures during snowy or rainy days always add a new element to the image.logo