Kelsey + Jacob. Engagement Photo Session at Lakefront Park in Hudson WI.

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Kelsey + Jacob.  Engagement Photo Session at Lakefront Park in Hudson WI.

It’s time I get to writing about my Engagement Contest Winners!  Kelsey and Jacob entered my online contest for a free engagement photography session, and I’m so glad they did!  I was such a pleasure to meet them and their dog Tank.  Tank thought otherwise, but I think he enjoyed his day.  Lakefront Park in Hudson WI is a beautiful place for any photos, but these two made it look even better.

It was such a beautiful, although windy, day for Kelsey and Jacob’s Engagement photos.  We still had a very entertaining day with those two fun people and their puppy dog, Tank.  Since Lakefront Park is a spot that they both frequent on their walks, it was great that they were already comfortable there.   Tank was also pretty pleased that he was along, but he kept trying to go on their usual walk route which was not what we had planned out.

Tank was not totally on board with me.  Here is the first photo I took of him greeting me, ferocious guard dog that he is.   I don’t think he liked the sounds my camera was making.  Don’t worry, we got along  (a little) better later.

Lakefront Park runs along the St. Croix River next to downtown Hudson WI.  It was a great spot for the best of the outdoors and then we could turn right around and get the urban feel as well.  Since it was a Saturday afternoon, the park was very busy with people out and about for sightseeing, prom, bike riding and anything else that can be done on a gorgeous May day.   We started on the bridge and then kept working our way down the park. 

We had access to a beach and some great walking paths.  

I absolutely love that their dog is very protective of them and also so lovable.

Kelsey also loved the area where the high water has made the trees along the waterline look like a mangrove forest.  Me too!

After the park, we took a turn toward the downtown area and used the old train depot.  I love the rustic tin siding of this and rustic colors.

Nearing the end of the day, we headed back to the park and started the fun started to come out, along with the passionate.  I love how this just came together when I asked Jacob to pick Kelsey up.  They are so in the moment and (hopefully) forgot I was there.

And one last one of Tank making sure I wasn’t anything harmful to his humans.  This little guy is so fierce and loving, but at this point I think he was just done with me! LOL

The best of luck to all of you. Thank you for letting me capture a beautiful couple of a perfect day.  I can’t wait to celebrate with you both next June!  1 Year to go!

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