Year 32-It's going to be a great year for this Photographer.

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Year 32-It's going to be a great year for this Photographer.

My story

So here I am .  First post for a Wisconsin Photo-journalistic Photographer.   First photography blog post on the first day of my 32nd year.  A lot of firsts-seems fitting!  I can truthfully say life is getting better at every point.  Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t all rainbows and unicorn farts, but I am happy! I am in love with my husband of 4 years, who has been so supportive and does way more than his share.  We have an adorable 9 month son who is changing everyday and keeping on my toes.   I am taking on a new challenge that I have wanted to do since college! 

My son Gus at 1 week old. This is one of the first shoots I did after doing a lot of late night classes and reading “Photography for Dummies”


Art forms of every kind have always spoken to me.  I am a very visual person with a bit of OCD that makes me want to perfect everything. I look at something and think “how can it be better?” There was always and art class in high school, it was a minor in junior college, and part of my full degree for my Bachelors in Landscape Design from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. (It’s not just Moo-U!)

Where I Am

That’s what brought me to this area -“God’s Country”. While I love the small town, we are next to the booming metro of the Twin Cities. You can get the best of both worlds.   And the visuals here are just amazing. The rolling green hills, steep cliffs from the Mississippi valley, dripping crevices on Kinnickinnic River.

Sunset on Hillside Farm, my husband’s home when I met him.
Beautiful Kinnickinnic River on a kayaking trip.


Red Cliff on the South Shore of Lake Superior


Photography has been a wonderful leaning experience so far and I get the best of both worlds. Best, of all my creative side gets fed from the amazing images that I constantly want to freeze forever, along with my nerd side, who loves all things tech and gadget-y. Finally, I love that I can never stop learning enough. 

Stay tuned for more.  

Because this process is a self discovering wonder and I can’t wait to share that with one and all,  I will be covering my triumphs and failures (hopefully less of the latter) and sharing with you all the wonderful people who I meet and their unique stories that make them who they are.